Lions Camp Scania 2018 week 1 – Bejstorps Gård in Osby

Our first week in Lions Camp Scania is in Bejstorps Gård in Osby. It will be tent camping in the forest. Together with activities in Bejstorp as well local Lions Clubs helping arrange activities to participants.

To get more information about Bejstorps Gård, you can visit their homepage:


Dear visitior!

Welcome to Lions Youth Camp Scania homepage. Lions district MD 101SV welcomes youth all over the world to our camp between 14-28 july in Southern part of Sweden. Lions Camp Scania is divided for 2 weeks. Week 1, we are in Bejstorps Gård in Osby and Week 2 is in Mariedals Gård, Hammenhög. In this page, we will present both places for camp, but also information, what will happen during the camp days and youths own stories.
One more time, welcome and hope you will enjoy what you can see and read here!

Greetings from leaders in Camp Scania